Wedding Photography Collections by Antony Velez

I was born and raised in the Bronx, drawing inspiration from family, friends, music, food and New York City as my backdrop. I loved carrying a camera and taking pictures with friends as we explored and experienced life growing up in the city. Pictures of us at the beach, riding the subways or just bored out of our minds; I've seen them all a thousand times, and can easily spend hours flipping through the pages of a photo album. Each image like a page in a really good book you can't stop reading... a page in my story.

That is my passion and what inspires my photography. It's the heart of what I do and it shines through in every image. I want to keep the unique details of your special day from ever being forgotten, because this is your day... a page in your story.

Contact me today and let me help tell your story.

Antony Velez